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Commercial Contracting Services

Glass Wall Systems

A modern and stylish way to improve commercial office space while allowing the maximum light amount of natural light. Allows easy visibility and supervision of employees while maintaining a comfortable level of privacy and noise cancellation.

Office Renovations

Whether you are planning an office addition or renovation, your working space can be personalized to suit your individual needs and help increase productivity. Special consideration of construction materials is taken to reduce dust, noise, static or to increase physical security. Goodwood will help make your office clean, quiet and secure.

Ol’ West Wing, 2 Marsellus Dr., Barrie, Ontario

Goodwood Contracting was engaged to perform a complete overhaul of both the front and back of house for the Mapleton location of Ol’ West Wing in Barrie. The complete renovations to the bar, flooring, plumbing, electrical, bathrooms and kitchen were completed in an approximately 2 month time frame prior to the re-opening under new ownership.

Kitchen upgrades and retrofit included refrigeration, sinks and dish washing stations, grills, fryers and fire suppression – all with the commercial plumbing and electrical to make it work and to make it look neat and operate functionally.

Additionally, the floors were all treated with commercial grade polished concrete to achieve an admirable finish. Goodwood Contracting got the “bar rail shining” so to speak, in a big way as Graysons Pub re-opened as Ol’ West Wing and welcomed many comfortable and happy customers.

Contact Goodwood General Contracting for your commercial food service and restaurant equipment installations as well commercial renovations to your property, because experience counts!

Suspended Ceiling installation

Suspended Ceilings

Goodwood contracting can install a variety of modern and stylish suspended ceilings for your office. These ceilings can optionally be fire rated and allow for several traditional or modern LED lighting and ventilation systems.