Accessibility Renovations

One of the most important investments for most people today is owning and keeping a home. The value of this is much more for those living Accessibility Renovationswith disabilities, or seniors who are aging in place since not much of the world is constructed to suit their needs. That is why performing an Accessibility Renovations with the help of a commercial contractor in Barrie is a priceless gift you can give a loved one today. 

Accessibilty Renovations What to Expect

Sadly, you could incur unwanted expenses when you run into the wrong hands for this type of renovation. The reason is, for this type of renovation, a lot has to be considered, and only experts will give you the exact specifications needed to meet the need on the ground. At Goodwood contracting, you will get the best hands working on your Accessibility Renovations.

We believe that the best projects stem from good customer involvement, and that is why we open the floor with a consultation where we discuss the budget and listen to all your requirements. During the renovation process, we also give proper feedback to ensure that we’re on track with your objective. All our work is done to the building code, and we ultimately make the home a brand-new world entirely.

We handle both interior and exterior aspects of the renovation, from accessible bathrooms to accessible showers- we are here to serve you. As part of our exterior renovation process, we also include the installation of wheelchair ramps to make for easy navigation with safety. We also install automated doors for the same purpose of easy access (we discuss the importance of this during our free consultation with you.)

We also construct accessible showers in the home as we are aware of how much of a difficult task going to a regular can be. We place a priority on safety while we work so you don’t need to worry about unnecessary insurance expenses.

Contact GoodWood Contracting today for Accessibility Renovations you can trust.

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